Peer Support.

Peer Support is Unique at TLCR

All of the Peer Support Staff at TLCR have a lived experience of building a new life for themselves while in recovery from addiction and/or mental illness. Peer Support share their experience strength and hope, and help guide rather than do for you.

TLCR’s Peer support helps because it helps you realize there are better ways of living my life, they provide resources, honesty and respect. No one ever judges you here because we have all been there. Our Staff will help guide you through the Behavioral Health System and how to access all community resources that can help you reach your goals. We recognize that everyone is unique and everyone’s journey into building this new life is also unique.

Peer Support is unique at TLCR because they provide more of a 1 on 1 experience and they meet people where they are at in life without judgment of where they have been. At any given time you will find many staff at the Center’s from many different backgrounds and experiences. You will find yourself surrounded by others who want the same thing you do, a new life, a life of value that you enjoy.